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Winner of Two separate Google Awards 2013

Every year Google Awards a few top Photographers for their contributions, and team photographer Jody Wall has been awarded not one but two separate Awards for his achievements in 2013.

  1. Highest Published Shoot Count in Month (Global)
  2. Highest Shoot Count in 3rd Quarter of 2013 (North America)

In July of 2013, Jody set out from Vancouver on his motorcycle, with his camera, tripod and a few changes of clothes for a 31 day tour of the Kootney Rockies.  After covering over 4,500km and shooting 124 business tours Jody took the world record for number of tours done in a single month, almost doubling the previous record of 84 that was shot in New York City in 2012.

Jody has been invited to visit Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View California to attend an awards ceremony at the end of Feb to except his award.  Jody will also be joined by teammate Kyle Giesbrecht who also won the award for Most Creative Tour 2013, and insideView4Business president Alex Duffield.


 The Garage - Rossland


 Fairmont Hotsprings Resort


Some amusing stats from Jody's road trip

  • 124 Google tours shot
  • 35,000 Photos taken
  • 4500 KM on the motorcycle
  • 1 new motorcycle hemet
  • Countless bug splatters
  • 12 tanks of Fuel
  • 3 sunburns
  • 2 stitches and one ruined sneaker
  • 1 bent wheel
  • Exercise plan every 2 days.. reality.. 4 days in total
  • 99 meals away from home.. .5 kilo in weight change (win!)
  • 2 new toys (Contour 2 video camera and snowboard)
  Lost items..
  • 1 motorcycle glove
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 coffee cup
  • 2 doorstops

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